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My god! You have to see this! ~Watch it and Listen to the Lyrics "lolol"
I swear, I think he only closes his mouth once in the whole thing. It's hilarious "lololol"

What a bizzare day...
First off, found a kilo of pot in my backyard this morning. Called the RCMP, they came and grabbed it...no problem.

Flash forward to this afternoon. I'm driving down the street home, two blocks away from the house, a little old asian woman runs out in front of me screaming for help with an infant in her arms. So, I pin the brakes and jump out..she's screaming for help in broken English, gesturing towards the baby. Which she promptly shoved into my arms (you can imagine my expression...anyway I snap out of it and manage to activate my bluetooth voice dialer with my shoulder and ring 911. They're trying to figure out whats going on, and I honestly have no idea, nor can I understand her but the baby seems to be nodding off, it's eyes are out of focus. OK, they're on the way. Great.

A minute or two later the neighbor runs up and begins translating. So, I of course ask what happened?..."It fell from the patio and hit it's head" I look up and see the patio...12ft off the ground and promply remarked "oh my fucking god" and quickly redial 911 to tell them to hurry up after updating the situation. So, there I was holding an infant less than a year old in my arms, begging it not to die there. I don't know what I would have done if it had, but 5 minutes later I heard sirens and everything showed up, they plucked the baby from me and rushed it into the ambulance.

The RCMP officer attending begins to question me, starting with my name. I promptly told them and then remarked

"I can't believe i'm getting interviewed by RCMP again today" *chuckles*.

She looked at me suspiciously for a moment "What were you previously involved in sir?"

"Someone tossed a bag of marijuana in my yard this morning..."*sighs*

"She looked surprised "Oh that was you?? Thanks for calling that in!"

Fast forward to now. The RCMP commissioner for the city just called to thank me for everything I had done today and to congratulate me for being model citizen and watching out for the community...


What a weird day...

Wow....Just Wow...

It's finally over! 2010 Ceremonies Performer!
Well, it's finally done. Months of rehearsal and not being able to tell anyone what I'm doing.... well here it is!

I performed in the Closing Ceremonies, at a "Marching Canadian" or "Marching Mountie", I appear directly after Michale Buble's First appearance and am on until the end of the segment which was called "Made in Canada" and featured all of the inflatable mounties, beavers, moose etc. I am with the first group that marches out, before the hockey players. 2nd row, 2nd from the right.

More info and pics soon!


Sold my Motorcycle!
Well, it's done, as of yesterday, I no longer own the machine that nearly cost me my left leg. I managed to get a bunch for it, not monetarily as such but received the below list, hehe

-Brand New Blackberry Storm Smart Touch Phone-Valued at $699.00 without a contract ($499.00 w/3yr)
-Brand New Ipod Shuffle (Still in Box)
-HP iPaq PDA
-XM Satellite Radio System
-$100.00 Gift Card for Future Shop (Canadian Version of Bestbuy)
-$150.00 Cash-Canadian

Now, to put this into perspective for you this motorcycle has been in destroyed condition since Jan. 20 2006. When I moved it over to the Mainland from my Fathers shop on Vancouver Island. My Roommate "Ruggs" and I completely disassembled it, Right down to the frame, small enough parts to throw in the back of the furvan. We had intended to rebuild it, but having the bike around again just dredged up old painful memories and the occasional nightmare of the moments leading up to the wreck that changed my life.

So, all in all I'm quite happy about the trade, I'll probably sell off the PDA, XM Radio and iPod, just for some extra cash, god knows I need it, lol. Which brings me to another point. Jessie T. Wolf and I won't be attending FC this year. One of our pups needed $700.00 worth of Surgury, adding to the $1000.00 tab we already had at the clinic. That and the Furvan needed $860.00 worth of repair after it froze solid in the snow. But, since I don't have my new suit yet, somehow it doesn't feel as painful, call me crazy. So I'm sorry to everyone we'll miss there and I hope to see you soon regardless!


P.S. This is what the bike looked like just after the accident, it's now in pieces small enough to fit in boxes, lol

Torwin's ninja3

Torwin's Ninja2

Torwin's Ninja

My Dog is Dead.
I have just learned that my dog has died. It hurts like hell. Most people would say whatever to such a thing, and hey, that's what I'd even normally do, I have a fairly carefree/Hakuna Matata attitude. But this feels different, I grew up with this dog, he's been my friend and companion for the better part of my life. So, here I sit in some sort of daze, I figure I should talk about this, to avoid slipping slowly into madness. So, here we are...

I rescued him from the SPCA when I was very young. He had been left abandoned, tied to the back of a porch in the middle of a canadian winter it was -30 when they picked him up. The family had moved away, leaving him to die. He was missing one of his legs. The SPCA was calling him "Pirate" while he was there. No one had adopted him due to his disability. I thought he was awesome and unique, we even connected from the start. I renamed him "Brody"

I feel the need to impress the importance of this dog to my very being. It was because of the connection to this dog, that I even became a furry, and am a border collie. It was THIS dog that I felt so strongly connected to. I spent all of my time with this dog. Most Furries have their fursonas but don't connect with the actual animal in the same way. It can be a bit tricky hanging out with a Wolf or Fox I suppose. This is just a guess though, If you've had the opportunity to hang out with your animal equivalent, bravo.

Just before I moved here from Vancouver Island, my grandfathers dog died, a Golden Lab named Ben. So, knowing I was moving and being unsure about animal housing in Vancouver, I decided to let my Grandfather take Brody in his time of loss. It was hard enough being away from Brody, I haven't seen my Dog in four months, and now he is dead. I'm told he was bright eyed and shiny coated right to the end.

....so much pain, I've never dealt with this before. My only consolation is in my 6 month old Border Collie Pup, Tobias (Toby) whom I named after Brody. Think I might go be with him for a bit actually, the screen is blurring up.

Rest in Peace mate', you'll always be my companion and brother. I'll miss you more than anything.

here's my last picture of Brody,

Torwin and Brody

The End of the Doghouse!
That's right! We're moving out! The Landlord has decided to sell the house, and that said, I need to point out that we have NEVER had an incident of drama! Not once! We're all as happy as we ever were! We don't want you to worry, we've got a place lined up!. That being said, we have the doghouse till the end of November. So, we propose a party..of epic proportions possibly the biggest Furmeet this province has ever seen! Invites are sent out to all groups, and even to the U.S.

We formally request that the Nov. Furmeet be hosted at the Doghouse, Since we hosted when we first moved in, it seems only fitting!

More info to come!

~Torwin Collie~
(The Doghouse)

The Rebuild Begins Tomorrow-My Ninja
In January of 2006, I was in a motorcycle accident that destroyed my left leg from the knee down, resulting in a fully replaced shiny titanium bone! (Whoo!). But, enough about me!, even as I lay there on the pavement, broken and bleeding. I demanded to know how my bike was, lol. This machine meant more to me than most people at that point in my life, I had literally built it out of 3 bikes and had put a considerable amount of money into it, (It was painted the week before too! >_<) So, up until now, the wreck has been sitting in my fathers garage on Vancouver Island. He recently bought another Porsche (my family has a thing for them) and needs the shop room. So, the remains of my bike are coming over tomorrow (Mon) and I'm going to start rebuilding it, at considerable expense, it still means quite a bit to me, I'm very bonded to it, even if I've learned the value of friends over machines, lol. Here are some recent photo's of what is left of it, hehe, I can't seem to find any pics before the accident, which sucks because the paintjob was sexy. lol






Wish me luck!
A film production company has expressed interest in me for a supporting role in their movie "Chesters Quest". Of course they contact me on Friday and want me in to audition the next day (Today). Dunno why I said yes, but I did and received a chunk of the script shortly after. Hoo-rah, lol. I haven't even told my agent yet, probably should get around to that, hehe

Wish me luck!


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